Overview of how reporting (& remitting) fees works

Using your lawyer account, you can report on matters that have been sent to you via your referral network. If your network requires that lawyers remit some percentage of the client fees they receive, you can also use your lawyer account to make or report those payments. Note that each network has its own practices for when and how often you have to report on matters and/or remit fees, and we recommend you reach out directly to your network administrator if you have questions about those practices.

The following is an overview of how the reporting and fee remittance system works:

  1. When an initial report is due for one or more matters, you will receive an email prompting you to log into your account and report on those matters.
  2. When this happens, the status of every new Matter changes from "New" to "Due" -- a change that is indicated by the label in the right hand corner of the "Matter" card in your "Matters" tab.
  3. When you open the "Reporting" section in a particular "Matter" card, just answer the reporting questions (e.g. "Have you held the consultation?", "Have you been engaged for this matter?") until you see the message "Your reporting is up to date". When you see that message, the status of the Matter will either be "Current" or "Closed" (as indicated by the label in the right hand corner of the Matter card).
  4. If you report initially that a matter is ongoing (e.g. you are waiting to have a consultation with the potential client, you are waiting on the potential client to engage you, or you are engaged for an ongoing matter), the portal system may send out additional emails at some future date(s) asking for further reporting (e.g. quarterly reports).
  5. When a follow-up report is due for a Matter you have already reported on in the past, the status of the Matter will change from "Current" to "Due".
  6. If you receive an email to report on a matter (whether an initial or follow-up report email) and don't submit a report within a certain period of days, the portal system may send an "Overdue" email to you. The system will also send you monthly reminders to pay any referral balances you owe.
  7. Any time that you report that you were engaged for a referred Matter and you report fees you collected, the portal will automatically calculate the amount you owe back to the network and that obligation will be recorded in the "Remittances" section of the Matter card as a remittance "Balance".
  8. To pay any remittance balances you owe, simply click the "Remittances" tab and make your payment online by credit/debit card or check. Some networks only allow payment by credit/debit card.
  9. Once you report that a matter is "Closed" and have paid all outstanding remittances, the portal system will no longer ask for reports or payments and you will receive no further emails in relation to the matter.
  10. Note that you can report on (and remit fees for) a matter even if the report isn't "Due" yet. To do so, simply open the Matter card and click the "Click here to add an update" button to reveal the reporting questions.

For more details on how reporting and remitting fees works, please read the other articles in this section.

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