How to pay your remittances in general

When you have balances on matters, you can remit payment online directly through your account. To do so, start by going to your "Remittances" tab where you can see all of your remittance balances and pending payments (in the "Owed" section), as well as past payments (in the "Paid" section).

If you'd like to learn more about a particular remittance obligation, click the downward arrow to the left of the client's name and the row will expand like so:

To make a payment, either input the amount you'd like to pay in the number field or simply click the "Max" button to automatically fill each blank with the total amount you owe. After doing so, click the "Pay" button. This will trigger a modal where you have the option of paying with a credit or debit card:

Or (if the functionality is enabled) you can pay by mailing your network administrator a check (for more information on how to pay by check, please see this article):

Note that you can view all matters where you made full payment by clicking on the "Paid" filter in the lefthand column:

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