How to view your remittances

If applicable to your network, you can view information about the remittances owed, paid, and waived, as well as details about any check payments you have pending and/or balances you have outstanding for each matter. To view this information, go to the "Matters" tab, click a matter card to expand it, and then select the "Remittances" section header.

Note that the balance of the remittances that you still owe is displayed at the top level of each matter card, as well as any check payments that you reported making but that are still pending (i.e. the check has yet to be confirmed as received by your network administrator). You will also see the following information in the remittance summary when you expand the Matter card's "Remittances" section:

  • Total Owed This is the total amount of remittances that you owe in relation to the matter. For example, if you report collecting attorney fees, the remittance due will display as "Total Owed".
  • Pending This is the total amount of remittances that you have mailed a check payment for but which the network administrator has yet to confirm receipt of.
  • Paid This is the total amount of remittances that you have paid.
  • Waived This is the total amount of remittances that the network administrator has waived. (You may request waiver of a remittance if, for example, you erroneously reported attorneys fees collected.)
  • Balance This is the remaining amount of remittances that you are obligated to pay. The balance is equal to the remittances owed less the remittances already paid, pending, and/or waived.

The "Remittance Logs" will show you every event related to remittances, including when a remittance initially became due (e.g. you reported $1,000 in attorneys fees collected, which obligates you to remit $150) and when and by whom remittance payments were made.

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