How to update your settings

You can update your account settings under the "Settings” tab of your dashboard.

You can perform four actions from this tab:

  • Edit email and password: To edit your log in credentials, simply click the “edit” button next to the field you wish to change, enter the changes into the appropriate text boxes, and click “save”.
  • Pause/Unpause Account: You can pause your account and temporarily prevent it from receiving new consultation requests. To do so, simply click the “Paused” button. Once you click “Active”, your account will again be eligible to receive requests again.

  • Submit Proof of Insurance (if applicable) Depending on the configuration of your network, you may be required to submit valid proof of insurance in order to be eligible to receive referrals. If you see the "Professional liability insurance" section in your "Settings" tab, that means this feature is enabled for your network. For instructions on how to do so, please read the section below.

How to submit proof of insurance (if applicable)

You can only receive referrals if you have current professional liability insurance that meets your particular network's standards -- and you have submitted proof of that insurance. To submit proof of insurance through the portal, go to the "Settings" tab of your account. If you have a current policy showing, you don't need to take any further actions. If you do not have a policy showing, click the "Submit proof of insurance" button.

Next enter the details of your insurance policy and upload a PDF of your policy's Declarations Page. After hitting the "Submit" button, your policy's status will appear as "Pending" until your network administrator reviews your submission and either accepts or rejects your proof of insurance.

If your proof is rejected, you will receive an email notifying you of the rejection and the insurance policy will no longer be displayed in your "Settings" tab. If your proof is accepted, the status of your policy will be "confirmed", like so:

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