How to update your public profile

You can view and edit your public profile under the "Public profile" tab of your dashboard.

Your public profile contains the following information about you. The fields below that must be completed for your account to be eligible to receive requests are marked with an asterisk.

  • Profile picture* It is recommended that you upload a square, professional headshot with resolution of at least 200 x 200 pixels.
  • Name*
  • Languages These are the languages in which you are capable of communicating with prospective clients.
  • Areas you serve* These are the geographic zones where you are willing to meet prospective clients and, if engaged, represent them in person.
  • Professional Bio* It is recommended that you write your professional biography in the third person and keep it under approximately 600 characters. Your bio cannot be longer than 1200 characters.
  • Bar admissions* These are the states and US territories where you are admitted to practice.
  • Office address* It is recommended that you use the primary address where you consult with your clients, not a PO box address. Note that, depending on your jurisdiction, the rules of professional conduct may require listing your primary office address.
  • Office phone number*
  • Law firm name*

To edit a field in your profile, simply click the “Edit” button next to the field you wish to change, enter the changes into the appropriate text boxes, and click “Save”. For example, if you click "Edit" next to the "First name" and "Last name" section of your profile, you are able to update those fields:

Other fields in your public profile can be updated simply by adding the information through a dropdown or deleting the information by selecting the "X" next to it.

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