How to update the geographic area you serve

The areas you serve are the geographic areas where you are willing to meet with and represent clients in person. Depending on your network's configuration, your coverage area can be edited by only the administrator or by you and the administrator. If the former, you should contact your network administrator to update your coverage area. If the latter, read the rest of this section of the walkthrough:

You can edit your coverage area by visiting the “Public Profile” tab of your dashboard, scrolling down to the "Areas you serve" section, and clicking to expand it.

To add a specific region to your coverage area: Select the county you want to add (e.g. "Orange County") or select a county and then a subdivision within that county (e.g. "Orange County" and "East Orange CCD") and then click "Add". In the example below, the lawyer added the county of "Orange".

To delete a geographic area you serve, simply click the "X" next to the desired County or County Subdivision.

If you want a visual reference that displays counties or county subdivisions: Go to On Map and select "County" or "County Subdivision" from the "Select Area Type" dropdown. Next use the dropdowns to select the place you want to see those units of geography mapped onto and click the "Render" button near the bottom of the page.

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